Will Steve Ballmer ever admit defeat ????

We all know that Windows 8 was meant to shake up the I.T industry but the fact is that Corporate Enterprise adoption has not been exactly what Microsoft has hoped for. Windows XP is still rife at most large enterprises and they are only migrating to Windows 7 now due to the looming end date for Windows XP in 2014. How they would take on Windows 8 at this stage is beyond me.

Forrester have recently said that 48% of PC’s are running Windows 7 and 38% of PC’s running Windows XP with OS X, Vista and Linux accounting for the remaining count.

Steve ‘I don’t make mistakes’ Balmer has got to be conscious of this and his team heading up the Windows OS Division and yet he still continues to be a pivotal figure at Microsoft. What would Bill have made of this and what changes would he have made by now ??

Training, Training, Training is what its all about and the reason companies are slow to embrace new technology is that it represents many hours of training to the end user population which they can’t afford to do in an effort to migrate from XP to Windows 7 with minimal interaction with the end user.

I’m looking forward to see Windows 8.1 go GA but personally, I don’t think it will drive Enterprise adoption and at this stage I think its time for Steve to look toward industry experts and focus on shifting Surface tablets and other Windows 8 tablets trying to recoup on the massive investment that has gone into the research, development and communication of Windows 8.

Watch this space…..

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