Take me to the vRetreat….

Well it wasn’t quite a spa and beauty day but it was just as good if not better than a day of pampering yourself.

The “vRetreat” is a new type of event focussed at bringing together bloggers and tech influencers to listen to and blog about tech companies and their new innovations to fuel the new digital world.

Organised by Patrick Redknap this pilot event is set to spread to the far corners of the world. Bringing together the best of technology with the crowd that can evangelise and make sense of how I.T. is moving whilst embracing all types of consumption model both on and off premises.


Silverstone, UK (home of the British Grand Prix) was the location for this event and I was joined by fellow bloggers – Barry Coombs, Rynardt Spies, Simon Gallagher, David Owen and Michael Poore. The event was a half day of listening and interacting with Zerto, Veeam and Cohesity followed by racing various Porsche cars around a track. Oh joy !!

Media preview

The Day

After breakfast, we were whisked away to a room to listen to various speakers from the 3 companies mentioned above. It was great to have short punchy presentations from everyone as it kept us bloggers wide awake and attentive. Interaction is everything at these types of event and it was good to be able to extract more information at times as well as deviate from the material when required. I learned a lot from everyone and although I knew most of the unique traits from the vendors, it was nice to learn parts outside my knowledge area.

The nice thing about the industry we all work in is there is no animosity amongst rival companies when its an informal event. This is testament to how vendors should see each other professionally and interact. It’s about being unique and presenting features or tools that nobody else does. FUD is dead right ?

After the half day of tech briefings it was time to move onto lunch followed by track day. I was very impressed with the cars on show and the fact that we had an instructor to explain everything and tweak our driving skills meant we also learnt a lot about the cars themselves. It was 180 mins of fun around the track and I must say I would love a Porsche. Not sure if my family would be impressed !!


Wrap Up


This event was a firework waiting to be lit up.

The success of the event was due to everyone participating and the fine execution and planning by Patrick. I thoroughly involved being able to converse with fellow bloggers whilst remaining open minded about the use cases and areas that each vendor played in. The event was recorded and no doubt you will be able to watch a few snippets once they are released in due course.

Without the sponsors I know this event would not have happened so a big thanks to Veeam, Cohesity and Zerto for an informative and captivating day.
Thanks also to the chief organiser for inviting me. I’ll be watching out for future events…


DISCLAIMER : I was not paid to attend this event and did so in my capacity as a virtualisation and technology blogger. All thoughts are my own.

Interview with a Storage Architect…


I thought it would be worth while doing something a little bit different on the blog and this time I reached out to a friend of mine (based in the US) who has been in the storage industry for more years than I’ve been working. We talk about his role and the evolution he is seeing.

A good guy to work with and one who inspired me to learn a lot more over the years (you know who you are !!)

Hope you enjoy the dialogue below.



  1. I hope you didn’t come out of education wanting to be a storage guy. If you did that’s fine too – so what made you choose the role you’re in today and what do you love/hate about your job as it stands?


Ha ha.. Wow, there sure is a lot of respect being thrown my way as a lowly ‘storage guy’!

Joking aside, I graduated from college in a marketing role and had every intention of making a fortune in sales.  Fortunately for me, I realized rather early on that I had a passion for the technical and an aptitude that matched the passion.  As a result, I was able to transition over to the other side of the fence, gain training and knowledge in the craft, and move forward down a new career path. The rest is history as they say.  I didn’t choose my roles over the years as they generally chose me.  I have been very blessed, and lucky, that things have continued to work out as they have thus far.  I love all the technical aspects of my profession without question, but I’m well known for my disdain of the political nature of the corporate world. Hence… I tend to stay off the radar and just make things happen behind the scenes.  That tends to be the role I embrace most.  I’ll gladly let others bask in the glory as long as my objectives are achieved along the way…. and as long as my pay check is satisfying.


  1. Silos of I.T. are sometimes frustrating in a large organisation. How do you ensure you break down barriers and communicate with your peers to understand their requirements?


That is a problem regardless of company size and has more to do with the type of management in place. It just happens that the sample size is much larger in a big organization, so it seems like communications is worse.  The reality is that the percentage is usually the same when you break it down. I’m a rather vocal individual and I’m unafraid to speak up when I feel it’s necessary. I believe in tackling an issue head on, and generally waste no time in taking action.  I’ve had to learn to be more patient over the years without altering my approach to eliminating problems as my primary motivation.  It can be challenging at times, as people can mistake assertiveness negatively.  I’ve learned to do a better job of explaining my points and listening to others’ ideas.  Early in my career, this was often inhibiting to my progression with business skills. Obviously, communications are crucial to any success.


  1. Has your role evolved in the last year? If it has or not what do you think would make you a better data center architect and ensure you have more of a full stack perspective instead of a narrow storage centric view?


My role is always evolving, sometimes by my own choice.  I think it’s necessary for any professional to embrace change and look at it as opportunity.  Many times, I found that change I was initially against was actually opportunity I didn’t see in the beginning.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes change is bad and you do what you can to avoid it.  Depending on the situation, you will sometimes be in a position to influence those who can alter bad decisions from happening, and that’s a great position to be in.  Other times, you need to be able to watch the train hit the wall with the hope that the end result puts you back on the right track and you learn from it.  It’s not always easy being a problem solver or analytical thinker in a corporate world.  I’ve spent the past 26 years burying myself in many disciplines from networking, platforms, security, storage and integration. Therefore, I don’t look at myself as solely a storage architect because I’m still heavily involved in those other areas indirectly. Due to that luxury, my job has afforded me the ability to stay as broad as I am at times.  I attribute that to allowing me to be a better infrastructure architect in general.  Over time, this exposure has benefited me where more specialized engineers or technicians would have challenges.  As a result, I believe I see the big picture much better than most who are more specialized.


  1. How do storage decisions get made at such a large company and do you think there are ways to improve the current habits and procurement patterns of upper management and other decision makers?


I can only speak to the decision making at my current employer because I think it comes down to the company culture more than anything. There are several areas that could use improvement in how IT decisions are made, as well as how procurement is handled.  The biggest problem I experience is the lack of process that takes place with regards to strategic initiatives or technologies.  There is a level of management that will often make decisions on technology or strategy without engaging the subject matter experts (SMEs) early on.  That is a major challenge and often leads to those bad decisions/changes that I touched on earlier.  As with any major initiative, it is crucial that management engage the SMEs that are being paid to do that job, as well as listen to them while weighing their decisions.  I know that it is difficult in today’s world with the rapid nature of change for management to take the additional steps necessary for this process to happen, and the pressure to move quickly is often their excuse to sometimes side step that process, but it’s a mistake regardless.  The cost of ignoring this process in the long run will almost always be much worse than the time spent properly vetting the decision.  So, a proper policy on strategy and technology decision making that is vetted through the respective SMEs is crucial. As far as procurement, a more streamlined system that is integrated with assets would be a welcome relief in my place of employment.


  1. Cloud has been mentioned everywhere but as a storage expert, what does it mean to you and what steps are you or your company taking to stay relevant?


Cloud is a term that is often misunderstood. From my perspective, cloud is very broad and depends on what is being discussed.  From a high level, we’re really talking about services oriented architecture and hosted services. The goal being to move away from a fixed cost model. Business is business, so I only want to pay for what I consume.  If I can do that by allowing a vendor to provide my services, eliminate the overhead of managing and maintaining assets, and I pay for only what I use, then fantastic!  If I can position an infrastructure in house that can drive up my utilization levels where I’m getting more for my money, while my customers are charged back for what they consume, then fantastic! If it’s a combination of both of the above and the end result is I’m more efficient and saving money, then fantastic!  From a more granular perspective, cloud computing, storage, etc. is generally offsite (hosted) systems either by a vendor or organization.  If we’re talking on-site and offsite combined, you’re generally talking hybrid cloud. We are approaching all these avenues currently and looking to take advantage where it makes sense.  That last sentence carries a lot of weight because, contrary to some people’s opinions, not everything makes sense in the cloud.  There are many things to consider with costs, security and performance being among the most crucial of those.  We are in the midst of all that now, and my biggest challenge is making sure that management understands ALL the facts.


  1. If you could try storage solutions from another vendor, be they a start-up or a major leader, would you or not and why?


I’m always open to multiple vendors as I’m technology agnostic.  My primary driver is if it makes the situation better, saves money and accomplishes the objectives, then I’m open to it.  However, I’m not going to change technologies or vendors if there is no true business benefit at the end of the day.  If we were to change based on market leaders or who’s got the highest industry rating in a given field at any given time, then we’d be changing technologies too frequently and spending more than we have to.  As long as the solutions you have in place are among the top offerings, working well, and performing as designed, then it’s hard to make a change for the sake of making a change.  It comes down to fiscal responsibility and what’s best for the business.


  1. Where do you see yourself in another 5 years from now and how do you aim to stay relevant as a storage practitioner?


I see myself in a more strategic role in five years. As I mentioned earlier, storage is only one facet of what I actually do and it’s more about data, analytics and application integrations these days.  I think that looking at the enterprise and seeing the big picture will always allow me to stay relevant.  If not, then I’ll have to consider a new career I guess. LOL


  1. LUNS, volumes and provisioning. Terms associated with a storage guy. Do you love this part of your job and is it what makes you tick or would you prefer to automate and seek tools and services to help you in your day job?


Honestly, I’ve pretty much offloaded a ton of the day to day stuff years ago. The work I’m doing has forced me to approach the strategic, as well as the reactive (mgmt), and I’ve had to delegate and train staff.  Automation and logic are always drivers in our craft and we need to embrace them.  I’ve implemented as much logic as possible into my area and I’m always looking for more ways to leverage that strategy.  Ultimately, I see myself sitting on a beach with my Margarita as my self-sufficient environment is humming away, supported by my trainees and monitored by my systems which alert my smart devices.  Hey, one can always dream, right?


Thanks to my friend for giving up his time to answer these questions. I hope you found it useful and feel free to comment or tweet me back on your thoughts.

VMworld 2016 – Experience & Opportunity

Well what can I say ? 2 main keywords that really sum it up for me.

It’s been a productive, interesting and tiring event but I wanted to write about my experiences this time especially as I was missed Barcelona last year.

Firstly a big thank you to Corey Romero for the Blogger Pass I was lucky enough to have for this trip. I was particularly pleased that Bloggers and Press were able to sit in the first few rows at the Keynotes so had a good view and was able to write up notes as I watched the epic presentations. My highlights were obviously the AWS and VMware announcement as well as the new releases of vSphere and VSAN. EUC also had a strong presence and clearly VMware and Airwatch are going from strength to strength trying to make the Workspace One solution a great solution for those looking to bring together mobility and a simple SSO experience.

It was my first year presenting at the vBrownbag community area and I enjoyed my experience. It was a strange feeling to record directly in front of a camera but I loved my time on stage educating all on the importance of Career Disruption. Thanks to Alastaire Cooke and the crew for having me on. Maybe I can do the vExpert Daily panel next year ?? You can view my video below.

I was also drawn towards the Hands on Labs and Cloudcredibility areas where I hadn’t spent much time before in previous years and the whole gamification of completing challenges and learning at the same time was clearly a winning formula. It clearly means attendees can learn a lot more whilst also enjoying moving up the leaderboard and claiming gifts.

Of the sessions I attended, I enjoyed Frank Denneman’s overview on what the vSphere on AWS solution promises to deliver in 2017 and Robbie Jerrom’s Photon / Cloud Native presentation giving developers an easier way to move to Docker and Kubernetes whilst continuing to use the rich vSphere platform.

Networking and Community

2 big important areas for my development as an individual and I found I met a lot more people here this year. Being able to converse with people from vendors, partners and customers really helps me to understand the bigger picture for transformation and I.T. disruption. Apart from the vBrownbag achievement I was also glad to talk to various VMUG leaders about the upcoming events and get their take on the industry as a whole. I managed to meet various Twitter friends who I’ve been meaning to bump into for a while now and also past friends from my exploits at Tech Field Day.
One of my highlights this year was that I had a good frank discussion with friends who work at other storage vendors. We all see resentment and FUD when it comes to vendor wars, either through Marketing or through Twitter but I found it refreshing to be able to forget speeds and feeds for a while and talk more about how the industry was going and what customers were seeking when making investments. I talked to good friends at both Hedvig and Nimble on how the shape of enterprise I.T. was changing and what consumers were looking for when it came to storage. We came to the concensus that whilst speeds and feeds where good conversation points, its ultimately the manner in which you can consume, interpret and analyse the data where storage becomes useful to both admins and end users.
The events that I attended, particularly the VMUG evening and the Veeam evening were great places to relax, unwind and reflect on the good and bad points of this years show. The Vmworld party was not bad but not a patch on previous years (maybe because I’d never heard of Empire of the Sun who were the main act.

Recording the next episode of the podcast – OpenTechCast – with several VMware and blogger guests was a bonus too. Keeping the conversations light, informative and fluid meant my cohosts and I gained a lot of value and I hope you’ll agree once you listen to it.

Wrapping Up

So if I could change 1 thing about the show what would it be ?

I think it would be the fact that lunch was not provided on Monday at the conference center for attendees. One other point was that breakfast was not up to par of previous years so it would be good if this was improved next year.

On the whole it was a great conference and one where I certainly walked away with a lot more nuggets of information in my arsenal when talking to customers about their digital transformation.

Roll on VMworld 2017 !!

VMworld Day 3 – Keynote (My Thoughts)


My Thoughts

EUC – End User Computing

One of my favourite days of the conference as this is where EUC was the focus and Sanjay Poonen ( an inspiration to tech and business) was delivering the keynote. We also got to hear him strum some tunes on the piano with a band playing before the keynote kicked off.

The first phrase to strike me was Sanjay’s comments that “Animals can be digitised too”. What ?? Seriously, we are moving in a rapidly changing world so who knows what will be possible in the future. Digitised zoos maybe ?

VMware would like any app on any device and bringing this together is where Workspace One plays. Cloud first philosophy is key to EUC and Sanjay was focused on this message for the EUC team.

Unbelievable to think that 20,000 employees at Vmware use Workspace One today. Sanjay wants to ensure that all VMware employees and also customers benefit from this medium for application delivery.

Another comment that Sanjay made was that people take their phone out 100 times a day to check and read email. Boxer is an app that Vmware uses internally to make productivity with email more efficient. I liked this app – Maybe I could use it in my day job too ??

Voice recognition for Salesforce was demonstrated through the iPhone and this worked well in the demo that Sanjay delivered.

As we move forward Microsoft has a key relationship with VMware and enables VMware to build a solution for Skype inside a Horizon desktop today. Sanjay rolled a video that highlighted the use of Skype for Business working inside a Horizon desktop – very cool stuff !!!

TCO is key and it was highlighted that it can cost $7000 per endpoint per user and VMware think they can take this down 10-30%.

Conditional access was a new term for me and it was noted that it meant a document opened in a managed app cannot be posted or saved somewhere unauthorised. It was demonstrated several times and we saw Sanjay shows how certain docs can be opened and not saved to a non-company location thereby keeping security focused folks happy.



Ray O’Farrell was next up to talk more about SDDC and the key announcements made this week.

vSphere 6.5 was announced and is tailored for digital and a universal app platform with comprehensive security. A single vcenter now supports 20000 VMs with over 6x vCenter operations per second.
Secure boot of ESX host and also the guest and VM encryption is now possible. Encryption does not involve any guest agents and works on all Operating systems – This was pretty cool.
The Web client is still available as is the HTML5 version and VMware are very proud to pitch the HTML5 client for use with many products  to come. I like it and it looks very slick going forwards.

Yan Bing Li also introduced VSAN 6.5 and mentioned how 5000 customers were using it today. Not sure how many are production but it is still a HUGE number.

VIC (vSphere Integrated Containers) on vSphere on premises and also AWS were mentioned again and it was key that containers get to leverage the same networking (NSX) and also VSAN. Cool stuff !!!


Closing Remarks


Another immense jam packed keynote and lots of news. Good to see the innovation in digital is moving at rocket speed and aligns well with the Dell EMC messaging for digital transformation.

VMworld Day 2 – Keynote (My Thoughts)




Here’s my summary. An entertaining and invigorating day and I was lucky enough to sit on the 2nd row to see all the action. I’ve summarised the key highlights and also the quotes that resonated the most with me.


Jean Pierre talked about inclusion at Vmware and also the Airwatch initiative to drive the mobility message to all.

Digital transformation was a key theme as always. GE was started in 1896 and analytics is key to moving forward their company. Leonardo is a leader in aeronautics and driving the digital agenda and transforming themselves.


8% of companies are not engaging customers and moving forwards


Leaders have mobile cloud at the core and are rewriting the rules.


“Since the industrial revolution in 1700s everything is about optimisation and digital business is just as transformative as industrial revolution” – Pat Gelsinger


2006 – First time cloud computing used in a core way. Google mentioned it first (Eric Schmidt) 98% of workloads were on traditional IT. Back then 2% was Salesforce and this was the first SAAS model for cloud consumption of software. By 2011 – 13% of apps were on cloud representing 80 million workloads.


Today we are at 15% of public cloud and 160 million workloads. We will hit 50% public cloud in 2030 (596 million workloads)


“Hosting is 54 billion euros today and growing to 99 billion by 2021” – as quoted by Pat Gelsinger

“Every business function is becoming an IT hub”. I am seeing this become more relevant in companies I talk to as everyone seeks control and power.


8 cloud services are an average for most companies that are embracing the cloud.


Who is responsible for the security – 90% still want I.T. to control this. Freedom vs. Control is key even as a parent !!!

Users want freedom and I.T want to control this  – How can we combine these forces ? Hybrid Cloud gives consumers the ability to do this.


vSphere 6.5 was released and has over 100 features !! Most of these writeups can be found on other blog sites by my esteemed friends out there on the blogosphere.


VMware cross cloud architecture is key to combining Vmware Cloud Foundation and Vmware cross-cloud services and will be available sometime in 2017.


VMware Cloud on AWS for full SDDC on AWS is going to be big. Mike clayville and Pat talked about the #1 for private and #1 for public coming together. Most customers want to avoid Capex and get out of datacenter building – Mike Clayville. Bursting into the cloud is another use case. Oil and Gas and Public sector defined as leading edge for hybrid. Merck as healthcare in 148 countries is key example

Cloud and AWS announcements


Elastic DRS and Vmotion are key features for AWS environment. Full SDDC stack using elastic DRS. Available in mid 2017 and Tech preview today.


Vmware cross-cloud Services – New SaaS offerings – Guido Appenzeller – Daimler have 3 clouds at the moment and work with Vmware very closely. Now supporting 7 cloud providers. Different APIs can cause an issue. Privacy laws are very serious and still considered. Changing tech and people is key. Traditional silos are dissolving and requires this agility and to be modular.


Why can’t we do the same platform for public cloud  using Cross cloud services to manage across all clouds. Search for VMs across filters for various clouds. You can also filter by applications !!!  UI is smooth and deploying NSX achieved in a few mouse clicks on AWS. NSX cloud agent can manage all networking for an application on AWS. Deploying 3 tier security policy for a web app is short and simple to do. Policy for encryption inside the instance for AWS is powerful. The future will be to encrypt between application between on premises and off.


Closing Remarks

I thoroughly enjoyed the keynote and the forward looking thoughts on how cloud and SDDC will come together to offer choice, flexibility and a path forward for the digital transformation journey.

Life could get boring – not anymore – OpenTechCast is here

It’s true what they say about trying something new and breaking down your personal barriers but it’s only once in a blue moon that a group of passionate community folk come together and decide to go it alone and launch their own podcast.

So welcome to the birth of a new, exciting and hopefully invigorating podcast….DRUM ROLL please…



This was a spur of the moment decision based on conversation we had briefly about starting something new over Twitter. What was an idea quickly turned into a full blown production and was full steam ahead. We all have our favourite podcasts and many of us listen to around 10-20 of these on a regular basis but we wanted to draw appeal by trying something a bit different.

At one of the recent London VMUG events we had a great presentation by Alex Galbraith on the OpenHomeLab project. This created a lot of interest in the UK group and had impressive attendance. We wanted to take this a step further and start a podcast talking about various lab concepts but also merging in content about business and I.T challenges, hot news and also technology that we saw as disruptive and needed further investigation and conversation. This formed our template for the show.



The 4 hosts are Me, Alex Galbraith, Gareth Edwards and Kev Johnson – A fine entourage of devout technologists seeking the truth, interpretations and misconceptions around I.T., Business and the next wave of computing all coupled with some quintessential British humour to add to the spice of the show.



Please download the 1st episode on iTunes or Stitcher or listen on the web – Link

Please feel free to follow us individually or at our podcast Twitter account here

Thanks to the efforts of both Kev and Gareth, we’ve managed to get a logo, website and agenda organised and both Alex and I will be in full swing now that we are back from our holidays.

This show is going to get refined and bring more content and palatable conversation to you as the year progresses so subscribe now and give us feedback at our Twitter account.

If you’d like to be a guest and talk about a particular topic that keeps you awake at night feel free to drop us a line.

Over and out…

VMworld 2016 – Who’s going to be tomorrow ?

CaptureJust to think that it’s that time of year again when tech officianados from around the world descend upon the hallowed grounds of VMworld 2016 in search of the unicorn, the golden tip or even the life changing keynote that will allow them to be inspired when they return home.

You’ve all read the headlines and no doubt many are dubious of what going back to Vegas will be like after the joys of the Moscone but no doubt it will still be an impressive conference in the US and in Europe. It’s what YOU make of it and how YOU make the most of your time that will set you apart from the others that persist in squeezing as many sessions as they can into 1 day.

All the events kick off from Monday 29th August in Vegas and for those waiting for the European event it’s all going to start from Monday 17th October in Barcelona. I want you all to make your time well spent no matter what as I have done in previous years and again will do so this year.


My Tips


  1. Wear comfy footwear – There’s a ton of walking to be done at both venues. Make sure you are well prepared and try and coordinate your activities so you arent forever bouncing from 1 end to the other.
  2. Stay hydrated – Make sure you don’t binge on alcohol every evening and carry a water bottle with you to ensure you stay awake, sane, and full of life during the few days whilst there.
  3. Be yourself – There’s a lot of pressure to try and be the one that is recognised by others at a strong influencer or a contributor so only do what you can. Not all of us are extroverts so if you find talking 1:1 instead of large group or vice-versa then stick to your guns. No doubt if you don’t stay hidden and you talk to others then you’ll be a name to be remembered.
  4. Be social – This isn’t just in person but more professionally. Use Twitter to voice your comments and use hashtags and be part of the fun.
  5. Meet at least 3 new people a day – It’s easier said than done but you’ll find that if you smile and introduce yourself to others (at after event, in the hangspace area, in sessions or in the solutions exchange) you’ll feel so much better for branching your network. Don’t be afraid to talk to familiar bloggers that you admire and also new and upcoming community folk.
  6. Try something new – Whether it’s entering a competition,talking to a CEO,partying like it’s 1995 or simply trying some new cuisine, make sure you do something new. Breaking out of our comfort zones is something techies hate to do but it can be rewarding once you try it.


SAY HELLO TO ME !! (Only in Barcelona)


I promise I won’t sell you all the solutions and products I have access to. Instead I’ll be wanting to branch out my own network and get to know people I have conversed with over Twitter and LinkedIn and also see how I can educate you and hopefully educate myself at the same time. I’d love to learn about your challenges and also see what’s working in your organisation and what’s not. Perhaps a short interview with you to go up on my blog would be beneficial to you and I.

Whatever the outcome, come say Hi as I have done with numerous folk over the last 4-5 years and stayed close friends ever since.


See you all in Barcelona !!

Cloudcamp (June 2016) – We’ve done cloud, what’s next ?

I finally made time to attend this event that has long been in my list of events to go to. If you haven’t heard of it before it’s a London based meetup chaired by Joe Baguley (VMware CTO) and Simon Wardley (Cloud computing officianado) revolving around all things cloud and future looking technology that will disrupt your way of thinking.


So what goes on at an event named after a fluffy white object inside a camp ?

Well……Simon opened the evening talking about the famous ‘Art of War’ referring to Chinese military strategist and how the Wardley mapping technique can be applied to companies and the way in which they operate – Link. It was an interesting conversation and very unlike the normal tech conferences that you’d normally attend such as VMUGs and other user groups. The focus was very much around tech, business and economics which opened my eyes to a different perspective on the inner workings of a business.

This led onto Lightning talks where various people had volunteered to talk about a topic that was close to their heart for a maximum of 5 mins. If you didn’t like any of the presenters you had the option to red card them but luckily all of them had some interesting stories to tell. A colleague of mine, Paul Mackay (VCE), talked about AI and how robots would come to dominate the future of technology. An interesting view of how we could be out of jobs in the future. Names such as IBM Watson and Deepblue featured. Some more reading for me I think….


This was followed by a Panel discussion compered by Joe Baguley and 1st time attendees were encouraged (forced !!) to come onto stage and take part including ME !!! Topics thrown out to us panelists ranged from serverless computing with its pros and cons along with how Enterprises adopt to cloud computing and what they fear the most.

Serverless computing, in particular AWS Lambda, was talked about and the audiences had varying views on how mature it is today. The key message here was that it was also referred to as ‘function-as-a-service‘, by the CTO of a startup specialising in cheaper mobile calls in foreign countries, and he explained how it was in use exclusively for many code functions for his company. The point here was that operationally it was very difficult to monitor and manage and when it breaks or doesn’t work how do you know who to blame be it the developer or AWS themselves. Of course the efficiencies gained here are that the costs are very low as billing is carried out based on the memory the code uses along with the execution time.

It was good talking about my opinions on how Enterprises are embracing cloud and relaying some of the fears that I see when talking to customers and reading articles on cloud consumption.

The evening culminated in an informal networking discussion with peers with some beer/pizza courtesy of the event sponsors on the night. A great way to talk to developers, CTO’s and other folk who may never get the chance to interact with in your day job.

Having the event start at 6.30pm means that most people can finish work and come along without sacrificing their day. A Plus point in my opinion !!

So would I attend again ?? OH YES. If I can make time to attend the next event I will be there for sure. Would love to see you too.

EMC Rapidfire – Bite sized EMC World

rapid_fire_by_lordhayabusa357-d717n9fComing to a UK City near you, watch out for this jam packed event in the month of June. Not all of us were blessed to attend EMC world earlier in May but fear not….this event is designed to give you the information you need to succeed in 2016 and deliver bite sized knowledge chunks in order for you to understand and apply the vision of EMC to your business.

These events will give you a flavour for all things concerning the Modern Data Center, I.T. Transformation and the importance of cloud computing. Armed with this knowledge is where you can make a real difference in contributing to your companies success.

These half day events are taking place all over the UK&I and I’d encourage you to sign up before places run out. Dates and Cities are summarised below.


8th June 2016 – Chelsea Football Club LONDON- Register HERE

14th June 2016 – EMC MANCHESTER – Register HERE

16th June 2016 – Printworks DUBLIN – Register HERE

21st June 2016 – The Library Society of Advocates ABERDEEN – Register HERE

23rd June 2016 – Sheraton Grand Hotel EDINBURGH – Register HERE


EMCWorld 2016 – It’s going to be epic…

Well what else can I say.

2016 is going to be of epic proportion at EMCWorld and a face meltingly awesome year to coin an illustrious leader you all know of – Hope you don’t mind Chad.

Personally it’s the year to think transformation and how you or your business can stay competitive and relevant and EMCWorld is the place where you will see conversations evolved from last year and new conversations around the art of possible and where the state of the industry is going.

Personally, I can’t wait to see all the content and follow the many ways of receiving the hot news as it is announced. Unfortunately for us Brits, this means most of the key announcements will be made on our special day off work but it won’t stop you from hearing the news via all sorts of media sources.

I’m super excited to be promoting a lot of content via Twitter and of course via this blog but there are multiple ways to stay up to date and receive information realtime.

Virtual EMCWorld is your way of having insight into the conference for those that cannot be in Vegas and will be broadcasting keynotes live as well as all the EMC TV content. Names like David Goulden, Joe Tucci, Michael Dell, Jeremy Burton, Chad Sakac and a host of leaders will all be featuring in keynotes that are going to WOW a lot of people.

You can also follow one of my favourite podcasts, The Source, for a daily summary as each day close.

The event starts with the Keynote on 2nd May 10:00 – 11:30 AM (UTC-8) Pacific Time (US & Canada) with some key announcements to be made on Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 at the same time.

Oh and before I forget – Duran Duran will be one of the bands performing this year so for those of you who will be attending the evening festivities don’t forget to sing all those 80s classics.

Here’s some links to help you navigate what is sure to be an eye watering event and for the first time this year, for you millennials especially, you can also follow EMC on Snapchat for some great behind the scenes and exclusive footage.



Live streaming – emcworld.com/virtual

Snapchat – Follow emccorp

Twitter – Use #EMCWorld and follow @emcworld






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