VMware VCloud Hybrid Service launch

And so, VMware have finally launched the hybrid cloud service that has been anticipated by quite a few weeks. It seems that they are not cutting out public cloud providers which will come as a relief to many.

The initial offering looks very US focused in terms of utilising data centres touted as ‘extending the datacenter to the cloud’. This will be followed by the rest of the world at some point later this year. This looks like a good attempt to capture the market of current enterprise customers who may have security concerns over cloud services by offering a true hybrid solution where all eggs are not in one basket.
The subscription options look very competitive compared to the likes of google and amazon so Vmware has definitely thought about price point very hard in order to launch a service that comes up against similar goliaths.
I’m looking forward to more solutions being produced that possibly latch onto this hybrid service and VMware will now focus on bringing in solutions such as vCops and other applications into the fold to continue building momentum as Pat Gelsinger tries to emulate his predecessor’s success.

Stay informed by visiting the Vmware website.

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