vCenter Support Assistant – A Revelation and a Resolution

Its been a long time since my last blog post but the recent GA of vCenter Support Assistant looks like it could be a winner for most companies looking to ensure their crown jewels are in good hands.This great product aims to cut down on time taken to log tickets with support and and ensure that any anomalies or issues are now flagged on a proactive basis with the key being to cut down on technical issues before they lead to bigger problems.

The great sellers for me are :

  • The product is FREE and all vSphere admins love a good free product
  • It is easily deployed by way of the customary appliance format that is now used for a number of linux based appliances support by Vmware
  • It can be used with the vSphere Web Client with a few tweaks
  • If you have multiple Vcenters e.g in linked mode then you can deploy one appliance to manage them all


The ability to simply deploy this and count on the tool to send logs on a regular basis to the Vmware support team is a great way to ensure that you guarantee maximum uptime of your production workloads. The time consuming task of generating log bundles and attaching them to an SR has been taken away and incorporated into the tool so you can easily create and manage support cases in an efficient manner. Of course, all data is encrypted. As long as DNS resolution is a consideration, as in most of the Vmware products, this product should work pretty flawlessly.

Don’t waste time and download, test and deploy. For additional information and for the download go directly here – Link

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