Time for a career change…


YES you heard it correctly the first time…

There comes a point in all our lives when it’s time for a career change. One may seem demotivated, tired of the same routine at work, get offered a dream job (headhunted) or be after a bigger challenge and simply risk leaving a stable position and finding something better. I did the latter as I wanted to change from the same old routine and lack of innovation in certain areas of the business. Through various community events and trips abroad I soon learned that I needed to accelerate and take my passion for technology elsewhere. Having spent the last 8 years at the same company and achieving 2 promotions was a great boost for my career and so I had no doubt that I could do equally well elsewhere.

Through some good fortune at my previous employer, I was allowed an exit (to my benefit) back in June and this really made my mind up that I could do bigger and better things with my life. My preference was to work for an I.T. vendor and transition from being an end user to the ‘other side of the table’. EASIER SAID THAN DONE !!

Not knowing how long I would be out of work was scary and a situation that was a big risk to me but equally it was very difficult to apply for roles and interview for them whilst working as a full time employee and so I had to take a gamble.

After a lot of interviews and various positions thrown my way from various recruitment agencies (both managerial and technical roles) I have finally managed to find not only a great role but also an awesome company to work for.

I will be joining the ranks of EMC as a Pre Sales SE starting in September.

This is a tremendous opportunity for me to take my passion and ignite this in other partners, customers and fellow colleagues and I am very much looking forward to the challenge. The staff that I’ve talked to already (Director of Pre Sales, Advisory Engineers and existing Pre Sales techies) have made me feel very welcome in conversation and I’m looking forward to join a unique and ambitious development programme to enhance my current skills and pick up new ones.

It was great to reach out to important people at EMC and know they have a fundamental ethos to ensure they have the best workforce in the industry to stay competitive. Having a private social media conversation with Chad Sakac (President for Global Systems Engineering) reinforced a message that even leaders at EMC are willing to invest and talk to future employees about how great the company is and this really nailed it for me.

So what’s next….

Time will tell but I hope to learn a lot at EMC and really fuel my passion to the next degree.

Educating, selling and talking to customers, partners, ISV’s and MSP’s will be something I am relishing and the opportunity to sell the EMC vision to the masses is where I hope I can become a great success.

This blog will remain neutral, where possible, and with your support I will continue to contribute to the wider community with innovative stories but of course there will be more some more focus on EMC offerings as time goes.

I’ll leave you with this excellent video made by EMC employees that sums up why I’ve decided to join a company with passion and vision – Link

Time to turn the page in my life book and see what the future holds…

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