Technet Tantrums….the end is near or is it ?

Well I never thought I’d see the day when Microsoft make 2 major technology blunders within a month of each other but that day has finally come.First the massive Xbox One fiasco and now Microsoft have announced that TechNet subscriptions will be cancelled very soon and most people will have no access after their 1 year renewal is up. What does this mean to you ?

Well, firstly, this will mean that IT folk such as you can no longer download and install new MS product to test them in your company lab environments or at home for extended periods as you will have all been accustomed to over the past few years. Its all well and fine to say you can run most of the products in Eval mode but imagine the heartache of each IT guy having to issue the command every few months to rearm their installation. What a headache !!!

Secondly, this represents a fundamental change in the Microsoft ecosystem and you can see how their vision of the ‘Cloud’ could impact the key users that generally spread the word and issue both positive and negative feedback to their product line thereby increasing the marketing appeal in a way that TV ads and other marketing ploys don’t quite work.

I understand that MS is keen to cut down on piracy and this will aid with that venture but there must be more security measures that can be put in place to control the proliferation of software leaks all over the NET.

Who knows what happens next but I wouldn’t be surprised to see an ‘about turn’ again from top MS execs realising that the IT world has gone into chaos.

VMware seems to be going in the right direction by ploughing on with VMTN that could be lucrative to virtualisation specialists and this is in beta right now so why can’t MS just carry on and be smart with how to handle TechNet subs.

Stay tuned to see how MS tackle this debate over the next few days/weeks.

Need I say anymore other than what do you think ? Comments are welcome as always……


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