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It’s only been a matter of a few weeks since I saw StorMagic at VFD4 and they delivered a great solution aimed at ROBO. Today they’ve made another ground breaking announcement (stop the press !!)

Today StorMagic and VMware have announced a partnership which means customers can now benefit from ordering a VMware ROBO license (sold in packs of 25) and this can be coupled with SvSAN from StorMagic. This effectively means that the partnership allows VMware to recommend the SvSAN software as part of its ROBO pack!! The ROBO pack is available from VMware or its resellers and the SvSAN can be purchased from StorMagic and its resellers. BOOM !!

Essentially the solution revolves around providing shared storage for a 2 node setup with local disk providing all the great features such as DRS and HA and other advanced VMware features. This is constructed in the form of a VSA software solution. Ideal for ROBO deployments where cost is a big factor and companies are seeking to centrally manage these offices from a central location. Of course this centers around availability and causing minimum downtime at a remote site – KEEP COSTS LOW AND PROVIDE HIGH AVAILABILITY FOR REMOTE BRANCH OFFICES. Very simple strategy and one that is true to heart for this company. Here’s a simple representation provided by StorMagic :


SvSAN architecture


Please don’t be confused between VMware’s VSAN and StorMagic’s SvSAN. They are clearly very different and aimed at different markets. This is depicted in the excellent graphic that StorMagic has simplified below :


ROBO Image


Now the value proposition to customers in mid size companies with Remote offices is enormous and this is an immense¬†win for Stormagic allowing them to effectively be distributed and marketed all under the VMware ‘best of breed’ software solution banner. If you ask me, it looks like the name StorMagic is going to become more widespread than ever before and CEO – Hans O’Sullivan – must be extremely proud of his efforts over the last few years in pushing this company through the various barriers of entry in a competitive software world.

Well what does this mean for VMware I hear you ask ? Well, VMware know that they want to focus on certain markets and let their channel partners do what they do best whilst using them as the underlying hypervisor. With VSAN gaining a lot of momentum, it only makes sense for them to utilise a company like StorMagic who has developed their product to fit 2 node setups where VMware cannot.

Does this mean that StorMagic is going to eventually be bought out by the big virtualisation giants ?? Never say never but I’d like to see how the product is developed over the next year as I’m sure there is more to come from this Bristol based company………yes you heard it……….a UK company making waves globally and this is very pleasing to see.

If you’d like to find out more about the company then feel free to view the VFD4 videos found here –

YouTube (Videos 15 Р17)

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