Moving onto a new adventure…

With all the job posts I’ve read recently I thought it was time to add my own especially as I’ve had a few questions bouncing off various rumours and it looks like it’s the season for new jobs.

As you probably know by now, I joined EMC 3 years ago having come from being a datacenter customer for many years. Having had a lot of experience in virtualisation, Microsoft apps and a barage of other tech areas it wasn’t natural for me to join a company that was known for storage only but for me the intrigue of working for a vendor was always there. I never had the guts to make the move early on in my career as I always preferred the easy work hours and the simple life but when the role presented itself I was eager to have the conversation and 3 years later I’m still enjoying the world of presales. With the coming together of Dell and EMC it was perfect timing as this opened the door to other parts of the datacenter that I had more experience in and so I knew this was where I wanted to remain.

Having been exposed to many varying types of customer conversation and having the opportunity to travel globally and meet many people both internally and externally fit my profile perfectly as I always enjoyed having different conversations with varying job roles at the other end. Solving customer challenges and talking about how Dell EMC solutions can make a real difference is where I am most comfortable.

Since I was still predominantly storage focused and still passionate about all things VMware I was at a crossroads where I wanted to take a more focussed role on how the software defined era will shape businesses of tomorrow.  I’m always eager to learn more and step out of my comfort zone and in order to this I had to expand my sphere of influence and ensure I continue to develop my brand both internally and externally.

For this reason I’ve taken a new role and YES I will still be staying within the Dell Technologies family at Dell EMC. The pillars of digital transformation are strong and ones that I remain very close to and for that reason I knew I wanted to continue to build upon what I had started.

My new role will be focussed on the synergy between VMware and Dell EMC for Enterprise customers in the UK and Ireland being an enabler for both my colleagues and customers to understand the full value of the synergistic nature of the relationship from both a technical and business perspective. Bringing these powerhouses together under the banner of Dell Technologies is where the true value lies and it was clear to me that I could add most value by applying my skills to this rapidly evolving tech supremo.

It’s clear that the software defined datacenter and hybrid cloud represent the essential building blocks for companies to expand and grow in the digital age and I always knew I wanted to play my part in this journey.

2019 will be the year of realisation that organisations need to rationalise the amount of vendors they have to deal with and ensure they have a consistent and dependable technology vendor to depend on and so I’ve placed my big bet on this along with organisations seizing the opportunity to be more agile in the datacenter.

I wanted to thank all my friends, colleagues and managers who have helped me on my career path so far and I will continue to be a strong advocate for software defined technology adoption as the weeks and months pass by. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out for any knowledge on why the VMware portfolio on Dell EMC can help in transforming your life and your business objectives of tomorrow.

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