Innovation – So how’s EMC playing its part ?



It’s been a long time since my last blog post and to be honest it’s been a busy few weeks in my role learning the ropes and getting familiar with the HUGE portfolio but the time is right for organisations to think about their digital transformation and the ways in which EMC can help them to either realise their goals or redefine them through innovation. There is way too much happening and I want to summarise the key areas of interest that have resonated with me over the last few weeks in this short post.

Firstly, please please please bookmark Chad Sakac’ site for useful content and updates as he is a passionate leader and his blog is a compelling read. The key product updates to be aware of right now are here.

So what else has caught my eye over the last few weeks ?

VPLEX goes from strength to strength as the definitive solution for true active/active platform. Continuous availability and mobility are key factors in highly available infrastructures and there are remarkable innovations coming down the road for this platform. They key one for me is that VPLEX comes with VIAS (VPLEX Integrated Array Services) and if you want to be able to provision in an automated and less time consuming fashion then you really should be utilising VIAS to orchestrate and execute all the common tasks that you would normally do in the array UI’s. If you have to manage a ton of arrays in the datacenter then this can be an invaluable tool to help cut down time for your storage admins. This post from Itzikr Riech really shows you the power of the VIAS interface in being the one stop shop for management. Best of all…..VIAS is FREE !!!

Next, VIPR SRM and VIPR Controller were new terms to me but the SDS market is moving so fast that I had to include these powerful tools on this post. If you need the software to automate and monitor/report on storage silos in the datacenter then please read up more on these technologies and how they can help to increase productivity and drive down costs.

Apart from the huge storage portfolio going from strength to strength, it is the AFA (All flash array) beast – XtremeIO – that is making waves and continuing to be a flagship product in the industry. The congested AFA market is pushing vendors to differentiate as much as possible but the recent release of the 4.0 code has meant that this beast simply gets more features such as its integration with VPLEX. Its ability to scale out linearly to keep pumping out huge performance is mind blowing. For me, the use cases are far and wide reaching and it’s clear that once customers see its deduplication and snapshotting features then it really makes a compelling case for them to explore more. You don’t get a $1 billion run rate over 60 quarters for nothing !!

There really is far too much for me to put into this post but as I become more familiar with the portfolio.

I will be giving my opinions on how industry can make sense of cloud, big data and software defined everything. It’s clear that the infrastructure stack is still very important whilst cloud is still a dream for some large enterprises but the journey to the cloud is something I want to be more involved in and helping organisations to build the fundamental building blocks to a hybrid cloud and giving them the tools to be agile will be a key focus for 2016.

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