Vmworld 2013 in full swing…well done Pat

With all the hype and conversations surrounding the Vmworld conference in San Fran, its great to see that both Keynote speeches were received with enthusiasm and positive energy for the future of Vmware especially when the competition (Steve Ballmer’s pride & joy at the moment) was creeping up.Without Mr. Herrod at the Helm it remained for others to take to the stage to try and emulate the success that Steve had with the masses of vGeeks.

Day 1 saw Pat Gelsinger address the audience with announcements on Vsphere 5.5 enhancements and the cloud stack and the notable drive forward for NSX.

Day 2 saw many familiar names address the masses namely – Carl Eschenbach (COO), Kit Colbert (Chief Architect and Senior Engineer at the Office of the CTO) and my personal favourite, Joe Baguely (EMEA CTO) – More deep diving into SDDC, NSX and also the Vsphere enhancements. You can watch the full session here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uimcBqGVp4U

Pat Gelsinger has definetely stepped up a gear from last year in his role to reprise himself and appeal to the technology enthusiasts. He did a good job and I’m sure we still have a lot to come from the big man in order to make a name for himself at Vmware.

I’d say that having no CTO is beginning to show to customers and partners alike but I’d like to think that this announcement may well be made in Barcelona and at least I can blog about this is real time !!!

For the moment, let’s see what other items are to come in the next month or so and I’ll be glad to report on a newer items once I get to be part of the Keynote sessions at Barcelona.

As always – please read up more on these exciting technology announcements at some of my favourite bloggers sites.

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