Veeam v7 is finally here !!!!!!

Well you heard it here folks. Veeam v7 is finally available to download as a fully fledged RTM product !!!

I blogged about this upcoming release a few months ago and I’m so glad that this has been released just a few weeks before the upcoming Vmworld event in San Francisco. As countless customers are about to embark on the journey to upgrade their infrastructure to v7 its important to remember that most of the architecture is based on 64 bit servers so please ensure you read the pre-reqs and are not still running 32 bit platforms.

Its interesting to read that this version does not support vSphere 5.5 which is shown on the Veeam community forums so at least we can look forward to that announcement at Vmworld but look forward to a patch from Veeam in the future that will ensure compatability with the latest vSphere release.

Head on over to┬áto download the latest release and comment on how good it is. I’ll be encouraging my team to move to this version to embrace the new features and looking forward to see if we can reduce our backup windows in a full production environment. Watch this space for more comments on performance improvements.


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