Veeam V7 – 2 more Disruptive Features

Veeam V7

Veeam have finally released the long awaited 2 features that a lot of companies are going to embrace….

  • Built in WAN acceleration – By deploying a WAN component in the software similar to the method of deploying Backup proxies, customers can now enjoy features to those similar deployed by solutions such as Riverbed and Hyper IP to provide WAN acceleration. The main benefit to this is to be able to copy backups to an offsite location by using Veeam and no longer using 3rd party solutions to achieve this. The WAN accelerators will determine what data has been seen already and only copy data from backups that it hasn’t seen thereby saving on data transferred across. Personally, I love this new feature especially for SMB’s or customers that are not quite Enterprise and do not have budget for dedicated Hardware based WAN accelerators.
  • Backup from Storage Snapshots – Backups can now be made as often as you like and at any time utilising Storage snapshots. Vmware CBT aids this process and can result in significant reductions to backup duration and no impact to high I/O workloads such as SQL or Exchange as the backups are now performed on the snaps. This also improves the RPO (Recovery Point Objective) time for businesses and we should no longer see long snapshot deletion times as we do in the current version if the work is completed at the storage level. Another great addition but currently only supported on HP Storage arrays currently. Personally, I’m looking forward to move Storage vendor integration and hopefully this will mean more companies can latch onto this great feature.

I can see how these features are going to make Veeam another strong contender in the virtual backup world and come up as a worthy contender for more awards this year around innovation and productivity. Once again Veeam is knocking on the door of the big boys and coming up trumps. Now all that remains to be seen is when v7 will finally drop. My instinct tells me to look for an August release.

For more information please go directly to the Veeam feature list ->

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