To Podcast or not to podcast….

podcastSo what’s this podcast term all about and why should it matter to you ?? You’ve probably got better things to do than listen to the rantings of some technical folk right ?  Think again !! You’ve probably read a lot of posts from some great bloggers and community folk on the value of social and the value of the community in terms of development and assisting others in the pursuit of knowledge. I’m not going to go over this all over again because all of you are bright folk but I’d like to focus on where podcasts come into the equation.


What is a podcast ?


Its basically a recording made up of 1 or more folk discussing a topic or a particular theme that can be easily downloaded on iTunes or a similar Android app (I guess). Each episode can be audio or video in nature and can vary in terms of length of time. Anything from 30 mins to 1 hour is what you will generally find out there. You’ll find a wide range of topic areas out there but I’m going to focus on virtualisation.



When I first started this blog I was solely focused on delivering and sharing content and also creating a portal where like minded folk could come and read up on industry trends and new innovations. Most of this information was easily digestible from virtualisation and technology websites as well as the familiar Twitter streams of famous brands and some famous individuals too (not A-list celebs but true technology focused people like Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman, John Troyer etc.) I’ve found that podcasts really add to my knowledge and understanding of the ever changing climate of virtualisation and I would encourage you all to try and listen to a few to see why I feel this way.

The great thing about the nature of a podcast is that it is portable in format so you can listen to it on your commute to work, on your way driving to the office or in the comfort of your own home and they are all FREE !! Simply Subscribe to your favourite podcasts and episodes will download automatically without manual intervention other than hitting the Play button.


My Recommendations


I can say that my personal knowledge, awareness and understanding of the community and technology has grown immensely by listening to the ramblings of many. I wasn’t familiar with terms such as Openstack, AWS, Nova, SDN etc. due to now hearing about them or playing with them at work so listening to others share their views and experiences has greatly improved my knowledge where I can have a ‘grown up’ conversation on many technology areas.

There are several podcasts that I subscribe to and they are amazing podcasts that are very inspiring at times. I often hear folk talk passionately about their job, their focus and their views and it really makes me think. Have a look at the list below (in no particular order) and feel free to start subscribing to these and the many others that I’ve not found yet. These are all iTunes links.


VMTN Communities Roundtable

The Geek Whisperers Podcast

In Tech We Trust Podcast

vSoup Podcast

vNews Podcast

Veeam Community Podcast

Tech sElect : EMC Elect Community Podcast

EMC : The Source

The Hot Aisle

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