Tech Field Day Extra Preview – VMworld US


This probably sums it up. Once again I’m looking forward to being part of the Tech Field Day Series and heading to VMworld for a full day of blogger briefings in the guise of Tech Field Day Extra.

DisclaimerAll views expressed in this post are mine and do not represent the company I work for. This event is fully paid for by Gestalt IT and I received no compensation in benefits or money to attend this event.

In case you missed it the first time, the Tech Field Day series is a great way to be part of the community and really be part of some exciting announcements and news from the latest startups and more established ones attempting to gain a slice of revenue from the dynamic world of virtualisation and technology. I covered an explanation of this when I attended VFD4 earlier in the year.

I’m excited to be part of a panel that is both influential and business minded where we can really sit back and think about how disruptive these companies are and pose questions to them live on camera. Please don’t forget that all delegates take personal time out to be part of this and its testament to how successful the series has been so far in the numbers that apply to take part. None of this would be possible without the head compere and organiser who diligently works behind the scenes with a great team to organise the agenda and the companies presenting – Steve Foskett.

This year we have the pleasure of having several companies presenting who are introducing new products and enhancements to their product line on Day 1. They are –


cirba-logo-160px   DataGravity_392x652-wpcf_250x41    Platform9Logo-wpcf_250x104 logo-2-wpcf_250x30


Cirba is a software play and essentially an application that digs deep into the analytics of virtualised infrastructure providing for intelligent optimisation and placement of workloads for virtual and private clouds. My first experience of the solution will be at the event and I’m looking forward to hearing more.

DataGravity is a company doing remarkable work with storage arrays and the intelligence they have to analyse the data is the real secret sauce here. From a security perspective there are real auditing and compliance regulations that must be met by a lot of companies and DataGravity provides an array that can report on and conduct full search on keywords as well as audit user access at a granular level. A company that is clearly a niche player and led by Paula Long who is a remarkable CEO and co-founded Equalogic.

Platform 9 is a company who provide a management framework all created using Openstack taking care of both VMware and KVM workloads. Its a SAAS application so everything is managed in the cloud and they key here is that it takes the headache away from admins of building out a management layer and can talk to private clouds.  I had the pleasure of listening to them at VFD4 and they are already causing a lot of ripples in the industry so am looking forward to catching up with them again

Velostrata is a company who is curently in Stealth and am very much looking forward to seeing what their unique value prop is for the virtualisation industry.

Please don’t forget that there are many more vendors presenting on Day 2 and Day 3 where other panelists will be involved so please mark this in your diaries and read up more on the panelists and companies at the Tech Field Day website. All presentations will be live streamed and all recordings can be found post event at the Tech Field Day website for those of you bouncing between VMworld annoucements and this event.

I will be updating this blog with more content and discussion on the companies above both during and after VMworld.


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