vExpert 2020 unlocked

A certain announcement was made recently and I’m super chuffed to be included in the next batch of vExpert accolades for 2020. I was not certain if I’d make the cut this year partly to blogging a lot less than previous years. Thankfully my contributions in the community with the OpenTechCast podcast as well as activities at VMworld and other events may have helped.

To be recognised for a seventh year means a great deal to me and shows how far the vCommunity has come. I have huge admiration for those that are in their 12th year and also for the first timers for showing determination in being involved and also going through the application process.

The programme continues to evolve and excel and thanks to a great community management team at VMware, it means people like me can continue to evangelise and help others in the community to understand and enable the greater VMware portfolio and its constituent parts.

My focus for 2020 will be ensuring I continue to share knowledge and also to increase my blogging where possible. Being part of this community has many advantages and the most prized possession is having access to a vast group of individuals who are experts in multiple domains. This is something I leverage constantly and something that makes this a unique experience.

For those who didn’t make the cut, please seek out your vExpert PROs who can help with your application criteria and never give up. One day you’ll also wake up to the surprise email….

vExpert 2014 accolade

So great to finally hear the news (while on vacation) that I have been selected as one of the recipients of this award. Thank you to both Cory and John and the other selection judges on deeming me worthy enough for this.

I’ll be sure to post more informative and innovative posts as the year progresses and ensure that my social presence is increased with more community collaboration.

Thanks to all my followers so far and look out for more from me for the coming year !!