EMC Rapidfire – Bite sized EMC World

rapid_fire_by_lordhayabusa357-d717n9fComing to a UK City near you, watch out for this jam packed event in the month of June. Not all of us were blessed to attend EMC world earlier in May but fear not….this event is designed to give you the information you need to succeed in 2016 and deliver bite sized knowledge chunks in order for you to understand and apply the vision of EMC to your business.

These events will give you a flavour for all things concerning the Modern Data Center, I.T. Transformation and the importance of cloud computing. Armed with this knowledge is where you can make a real difference in contributing to your companies success.

These half day events are taking place all over the UK&I and I’d encourage you to sign up before places run out. Dates and Cities are summarised below.


8th June 2016 – Chelsea Football Club LONDON- Register HERE

14th June 2016 – EMC MANCHESTER – Register HERE

16th June 2016 – Printworks DUBLIN – Register HERE

21st June 2016 – The Library Society of Advocates ABERDEEN – Register HERE

23rd June 2016 – Sheraton Grand Hotel EDINBURGH – Register HERE


EMCWorld 2016 – It’s going to be epic…

Well what else can I say.

2016 is going to be of epic proportion at EMCWorld and a face meltingly awesome year to coin an illustrious leader you all know of – Hope you don’t mind Chad.

Personally it’s the year to think transformation and how you or your business can stay competitive and relevant and EMCWorld is the place where you will see conversations evolved from last year and new conversations around the art of possible and where the state of the industry is going.

Personally, I can’t wait to see all the content and follow the many ways of receiving the hot news as it is announced. Unfortunately for us Brits, this means most of the key announcements will be made on our special day off work but it won’t stop you from hearing the news via all sorts of media sources.

I’m super excited to be promoting a lot of content via Twitter and of course via this blog but there are multiple ways to stay up to date and receive information realtime.

Virtual EMCWorld is your way of having insight into the conference for those that cannot be in Vegas and will be broadcasting keynotes live as well as all the EMC TV content. Names like David Goulden, Joe Tucci, Michael Dell, Jeremy Burton, Chad Sakac and a host of leaders will all be featuring in keynotes that are going to WOW a lot of people.

You can also follow one of my favourite podcasts, The Source, for a daily summary as each day close.

The event starts with the Keynote on 2nd May 10:00 – 11:30 AM (UTC-8) Pacific Time (US & Canada) with some key announcements to be made on Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 at the same time.

Oh and before I forget – Duran Duran will be one of the bands performing this year so for those of you who will be attending the evening festivities don’t forget to sing all those 80s classics.

Here’s some links to help you navigate what is sure to be an eye watering event and for the first time this year, for you millennials especially, you can also follow EMC on Snapchat for some great behind the scenes and exclusive footage.



Live streaming – emcworld.com/virtual

Snapchat – Follow emccorp

Twitter – Use #EMCWorld and follow @emcworld






GSAP – The Final Frontier

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Innovation – So how’s EMC playing its part ?



It’s been a long time since my last blog post and to be honest it’s been a busy few weeks in my role learning the ropes and getting familiar with the HUGE portfolio but the time is right for organisations to think about their digital transformation and the ways in which EMC can help them to either realise their goals or redefine them through innovation. There is way too much happening and I want to summarise the key areas of interest that have resonated with me over the last few weeks in this short post. » Read more