Nutanix…the simple 1 box converged solution




I’ve finally found some time to write about one of my favourite vendors right now and one that everybody should seriously consider as a gameplayer in the virtual computing space.

So what do Nutanix do that is ground breaking or why should you consider them to be part of your datacenter ?

Well, the story is simple and simplicity is the key to delivering and implementing the Nutanix solution in your environment.

First of all, they are led by Dheeraj Pandey. I had never heard of Dheeraj until I started looking into his impressive feats. He has worked for big names such as Oracle and has had a long career in I.T which always make for a good recipe. He is backed by an impressive management team who have all been leaders at various companies and engineers consist of former Google employees. Have I caught your attention now ???

The Nutanix solution is a 1 box converged virtual platform that contains both compute and storage which means it can easily be deployed in your business with no disruption and minimal time. It scales very well and this means you can not only grow this easily at your datacenter but you can also have an impressive DR solution by placing a mirror of the kit at a seconday datacenter.

The storage is a mix of SSDs and SATA drives which means the unique file system is able to deliver high I/O when required using its unique file system.

The best feature for me is that all data is spread across the system to work in an optimal configuration and you can start very small and scale to big capacity and compute if required. Best of all, you are eliminating the need for a dedicated SAN and thus all traffic in the Hypervisor layer is completed within the Nutanix block. These blocks come in a variety of models with varying compute and storage components and Nutanix are continuing the theme of supporting multiple hypervisors by catering to KVM as well as VMware. Hyper V will also be on the horizon and I’m sure Nutanix will release more details once testing has been finalised for this.

The competition is clear. The likes of EMC and Netapp are being challenged here and with an increase in funding coming from some top venture capitalists I feel a compelling reason that these block systems will be finding a home in a lot of racks worldwide.

Head on over to Nutanix for more information.

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