Life could get boring – not anymore – OpenTechCast is here

It’s true what they say about trying something new and breaking down your personal barriers but it’s only once in a blue moon that a group of passionate community folk come together and decide to go it alone and launch their own podcast.

So welcome to the birth of a new, exciting and hopefully invigorating podcast….DRUM ROLL please…



This was a spur of the moment decision based on conversation we had briefly about starting something new over Twitter. What was an idea quickly turned into a full blown production and was full steam ahead. We all have our favourite podcasts and many of us listen to around 10-20 of these on a regular basis but we wanted to draw appeal by trying something a bit different.

At one of the recent London VMUG events we had a great presentation by Alex Galbraith on the OpenHomeLab project. This created a lot of interest in the UK group and had impressive attendance. We wanted to take this a step further and start a podcast talking about various lab concepts but also merging in content about business and I.T challenges, hot news and also technology that we saw as disruptive and needed further investigation and conversation. This formed our template for the show.



The 4 hosts are Me, Alex Galbraith, Gareth Edwards and Kev Johnson – A fine entourage of devout technologists seeking the truth, interpretations and misconceptions around I.T., Business and the next wave of computing all coupled with some quintessential British humour to add to the spice of the show.



Please download the 1st episode on iTunes or Stitcher or listen on the web – Link

Please feel free to follow us individually or at our podcast Twitter account here

Thanks to the efforts of both Kev and Gareth, we’ve managed to get a logo, website and agenda organised and both Alex and I will be in full swing now that we are back from our holidays.

This show is going to get refined and bring more content and palatable conversation to you as the year progresses so subscribe now and give us feedback at our Twitter account.

If you’d like to be a guest and talk about a particular topic that keeps you awake at night feel free to drop us a line.

Over and out…

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