Dell EMC World 2017 – Not just tech

It’s almost that time….in fact 2 weeks to go before one of the biggest events of the year and it’s the first event that brings together the newly formed company.

So why come to this event and what can you look forward to ?

Buzzword Bingo again……

Digital Transformation, I.T. Transformation, Workplace Transformation, Security Transformation….the list is deep and wide. The aptly named theme is around realizing an organisation and/or individuals full potential to make a difference and deliver that killer outcome. Something that resonates with me and my customers very well.

The key here is that there aren’t many companies globally that can take you on the journey and make a difference at any point in your current strategy wherever you are on the maturity curve of transformation in technology. I’m all for business outcomes but enabling you as individuals is what the event is about and I sincerely hope this is what attendees will get from the event.

Yes these buzzwords have been banded about in the industry a lot but it’s what you do with these strategies that could make a big impact to your business. The umbrella that is Dell Technologies can really help to make this a reality for organisations seeking change be it in the tech department, the people department or the process one.

So why come to Dell EMC World ?

It’s the showcase event of the year where you get to immerse yourself in the key strategies that the company is driving this year and for many years to come. Of course, there will be the keynotes to look forward to but above all, I believe that networking with your peers, colleagues, partners and friends is where the real value is derived not to mention the excellent breakout sessions you can sign up for.

Yes I know there are many conferences each year that are difficult to justify the expense to attend and with decreased budgets and travel restrictions it can be a difficult decision to justify which events to attend. I’d say that you need to align where your business is going or trying to go with the events you need to go to. The themes I mentioned above are the key areas that Dell EMC are reinforcing in order to make I.T. relevant to your business and lead to revenue growth and profit for the long term.

As technologists, its not always clear to see how this can make an impact to your business and how a tech conference will make you any different but just take a moment and think about what you will learn over a few days. It is difficult these days to take a breath in the heat of the moment at work and think long term strategy but having a few days where you can immerse yourself in roadmaps, solutions, product strategy and education is paramount to your success and the success you bring back to your organisation.

So what are they key items to remember for this year’s big event –

  • Educate and Learn – With certifications come great respect and a chance to prove your knowledge in a key area. This time you can take any exam for the 1st time for FREE. Just imagine taking 4 or 5 and getting it all for FREE as long as they are unique. Make sure you don’t sign up to too many sessions and get yourself over to the expo floor to meet with partners and experts.
  • Keynotes – There are so many new announcements this year that you don’t want to miss out on the keynotes. Plan your agenda carefully and grab a seat to hear all about the innovation and business led conversations that are driving Dell EMC strategy towards successful customer partnerships.
  • Network – Build it, grow it and nurture it. It’s easy to say but reach out and say hello to new people and you never know how swapping a business card or a twitter handle can help you in the future.
  • Get Social – If you haven’t used Twitter yet then sign up and get tweeting. There will be lots of content from @DellEMCWorld and don’t forget to use the various hashtags you see advertised around the event.
  • Eat, drink and… – Ensure you stay hydrated throughout the conference and carry a water bottle. Wear some comfy footwear and ensure you don’t go from session to session without having a snack or some food. You’d be surprised how time flies throughout the day.
  • Dell EMC Elect – Come to the social lounge and come meet some of the tech heads that are passionate about tech and community champions that evangelise the brand and solutions. Again, more networking but you might even meet me at some point.


Finally I’d like to wish those of you that attend a good experience and for those that cannot then stay tuned to the Dell EMC world website for plenty of content throughout the event.


Disclaimer : This post was written with my OWN thoughts and views and no contribution from my employer.


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