2015 Top Virtualisation Blog Voting is open now !!

vblogHere we go for a new year of voting for the top 10 VMware and Virtualisation Blog. It’s hotting up to be another year for the regular seasoned enthusiasts to battle it out but also gives new and less experienced bloggers to be recognised by the brilliant community that frequent their websites.

Please vote for your top 10 favorite VMware & virtualization blogs. On the first page you will be able to select your 10 favorite blogs and on the following page will be allowed to rank them in your preference order.

When voting please take the following into consideration:

  • frequency (how often they post)
  • quality (how well the posts are)
  • length (how long the posts are)
  • longevity (how long they have been blogging for)

Please try to be fair and objective when voting, this isn’t a popularity contest, it’s about voting for the bloggers that put out the best content and deserve the recognition for it. Your votes will help determine the new top 50 bloggers on the vLaunchpad. Votes are weighted so a #1 vote counts as 10 points, #2 vote counts as 9 points etc down to 1 point for a #10 vote. The total points for each blog will be added up and will determine the top 50 order.

If you enjoy what you read and think I deserve a vote or 2, please vote for me.

The voting results will be announced on a future live awards show podcast and this year Infinio is sponsoring the awards and are offering a special commemorative coin for the top 50.

Stay tuned to vSphere-land.com to find out more about the results and also follow Eric Siebert so you don’t miss out on any news concerning the vote. HAPPY VOTING !!



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